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The Tenuto Guitar Support is the smart solution to avoid ergonomic issues associated with the traditional footstool. The Tenuto provides a fully adjustable, sturdy and comfortable support, while it folds small enough to fit in the storage compartment of most guitar cases. The sturdy, lightweight structure ensures a high-quality product to assist both professional and amateur players to enjoy the Tenuto for many years. Each Tenuto comes with a soft felt storage bag.

Each Tenuto comes with protective suction cup guards (residue free adhesive) to prevent suction cup markings and to improve suction cup bond. (Suction cups and protective suction cup guards can be removed and reapplied.)

The Tenuto is known as the preferred guitar support by professionals, teachers, and amateurs. The design of the Tenuto provides a comfortable, adjustable and lightweight support, which can easily be transported in a guitar case.

The Tenuto Lite is the best option for convenience because it is so compact it fits perfectly in the guitar case without removing it from the guitar and having to reposition the support

Comes with:
Black Felt Bag
2 Protective Pads
4 Suction cups

# of Pivots: 1
# of Suction Cups: 4
Measurements: 3.68 wide x 4.083 long
Material: Aluminu


Barcode # 939210000000
Shipping Weight 0.1250kg
Shipping Height 0.010m
Categories Thigh Rests & Footstools
Classical Guitar
July 24, 2019


Very neat little product...
June 19, 2019


Recommended! Great that it can stay on my guitar
May 22, 2019

Powerful Suction

The suction cups grip my guitars finish very strongly, would definitely recommend these as a 'stay-on' leg support.
March 13, 2019

Works well

I use to use the gitano as I wanted to keep the rest on my guitar in the case, the tenuto was recommended to me and I have been using it for a few weeks and it seems to work even better...the swivel is a nice feature too.

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