Violin, Cello and Viola Setups Explained

Master Setup

This is our deluxe setup reserved only for the highest quality instruments. It is a complete reworking of all of the components of the instrument and brings out the absolute best in playability and sound. It comes with certification and significantly increases the value of the instrument.

So... what does this include?

The Master setup is carried out in consultation with the player. It includes a new set of pro level strings (usually Larsen, Kaplan or Obligato) and a new bridge made of the finest quality aged maple. The bridge will be hand carved, thinned out and finally shaped for your desired action. The fingerboard will be 'shot' (planed and polished) as well as the nut being filed and adjusted to suit the desired action. The soundpost will be adjusted and re-cut where needed to optimise the tone of the instrument and the luthier will experiment with the perfect positioning of the post (which is slightly different for each instrument). The pegs and peg box will be reamed for a perfect, non-slip fit. This setup will remarkably transform the sound and playability of the instrument, a true professional level service.

Value of parts and labour is $800-1000 and is included for free on selected instruments. (Look out for the gold ribbon on product images)


Symphony Setup

Our second best setup is reserved for high level intermediate to advanced instruments and is pre-completed on all incoming instruments in this category. As above it is a significant value add to the instrument.

What's included?

The main difference between the Masters and Symphony setup is that the factory strings and existing bridge are utilised. The existing bridge is still hand carved and shaped to optimise the tone, and the soundpost will be adjusted. The pegs and peg box are reamed for a perfect fit and the neck and nut may be adjusted where required. The difference between a factory instrument and an instrument that has had a 'symphony' setup is immense - do not underestimate the effect that this has on the sound of the instrument.

Symphony setups have a labour and parts value of $400-600 and are included for free on selected instruments  (look out for the silver banner on product images)


Pro Setup

The Pro setup is our standard setup that applies to all student and intermediate instruments. It is specifically designed to make the instrument easier to play and better sounding - giving new students the best possible head start on their new instrument. (Look out for the bronze banner on product images)

What’s included?

The luthier will work with the existing components of the instrument and thin out the bridge, tweak the soundpost position, adjust the action and ream + soap the pegs.

Pro setups have a Labour value of $200-400 and are included for free on selected instruments