Range of Valencia Guitars for Beginners

Where to buy Valencia Guitars in Melbourne? Hans Music Spot is the answer!

Hans Music has been proud stockists of Valencia guitars since the early 70's! They are some of the best value acoustic guitar for beginners in the world. We stock a range of sizes and colours at Hans Music in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne

What makes a Hans Music Valencia Different?

All of our Valencia acoustic classical guitars are hand inspected and selected at our suppliers warehouse. We will not accpet anything less than the best Valencias from any batch. Typically we only select one guitar (from a box of 6) to bring back to the shop as a Hans Music Valencia and we repeat this inspection process for each guitar we stock.

What you see on our shelf are the best Valencia guitars in Australia...we are not aware of any other retailer that goes to these lengths to ensure their guitars are of the highest possible quality.

Top Valencia Guitar Accessories