Maton Deluxe Flight Case


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The result of near three years of research, this Maton Case combines durability with a sleek, unique design. 


An internal soft lining, specifically designed to cushion and buffer all maton sizes.

Sliding rails for general use. 

Able to stand stable when stood on the side.

Flush hinges and sophisticated edge design to prevent catching and general wear and tear. 

Handle positioned directly above the centre of gravity to make it easier to carry.

Three fasteninng latches that are oversized to prevent misalignment or damage. 

Outer Shell:

High-Density Polyethylene.

Internal Layer of Rigid polyurethane foam,

Chemical Resistant.

Great for Durability during impacts

Less prone to cracking

Performs well at High and Low temperatures


Cushioning and clearance zones designed to protect your guitar at its most vulnerable points.

EVA - 4mm Soft closed cell foam, impervious to water, upholstered with a short haired black velvet.


Brand Maton
Categories Cases & Bags
April 12, 2020

Fantastic Case

Well built solid case for your priced investment. Would take a bit of "rough" handling without impacting the guitar. I like the fact that the body of the guitar is a snug fit and thereby any pressure applied is spread around. Great video here -

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