We offer a great range of instruments for hire in store. We also offer a great selection available on Rent plans that give the option to pay out your items when you're ready to purchase the instrument.

Here's an overview of the kinds of things you hire through our instore on a 6 or 12 month minimum:

Percussion & Keys (*security deposit)
Drumkit Acoustic $45 p.m. $150*
Drumkit Electric $45 p.m. $150*
Glock/Snare Kit $25 p.m. $50*
Keyboard 64 key $25 p.m. $50*
Digital Piano 88 key $45 p.m. $150*

Guitars (*security deposit)
Classical Guitar Kit $20 p.m. $50*
Electric Guitar Kit $28 p.m. $50*
Electric Bass Kit $30 p.m. $80*

Orchestral (*security deposit)
Violin Outfit from $20 p.m. $50*
Viola Outfit $25 p.m. $60*
Cello Outfit $45 p.m. $150*
Double Bass $69+ p.m. $250*

To start Hire or Hire with the option to purchase...

You will need;
1. To live in Victoria
2. A valid driver's licence with a current photo
3. Utility bill or Bank Statement in your name and address.
4. A valid Credit Card for Monthly Fee Transactions
5. A completed Application Form.

You should receive confirmation of your contract and your instrument within 48hrs.