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Colour coded music systems help students read, hear and identify musical patterns and intervals. Each colour represents a note in the C major Diatonic scale and allows students to experience and enjoy ensemble music bwithout needing to recognise notes on a staff. This helps students to develop note reading and aural skills in a fun and engaging environment. The Octanote® range provides colour coded instruments of a superior quality to most generic choices on the market and each product is hand sourced and refined to give the best possible sound and durability at an affordable price.

Any and all of our Octanote® products are compatible with each other as well as products from the Chroma Note™ and Boomwhacker® systems. All products in this category are tuned as follows: C - Red, D - Orange, E- Yellow, F - Light Green, G - Dark Green, A - Purple, B - Pink, C - Red. The incidentals (Sharps and Flats) are also given colour values inbetween those of the whole notes.

Please note: If you instead own products from the Rainbow series (where the colour code varies in the F - green, G - light blue & A - dark blue) you can find compatible instruments here: https://www.hansmusic.com.au/percussion/rainbow-colour-system/

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Chromatic Classroom Pack

Octanotes Chromatic Classroom Pack

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Music In Me Starter Kit

Music In Me Music In Me Starter Kit

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Move & Play Tote Bag

Boomwhackers Move & Play Tote Bag

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