Best Music Therapy Instruments

Hans Music is a proud supporter of Australia's best music therapists.

We service a range of businesses and individuals with all of their music therapy requests and are regularly involved in custom product development and personalised solutions to meet the needs of clients or practitioners.

Colour-Coded Music Therapy Instruments

Instruments using colours to determine pitch. Great for developing aural and visual recognition of pitch without the need to read music.

Percussive and Sensory Music Therapy Instruments

Tactile, calming, improvisatory. These instruments promote musical exploration and self-expression. They make sweet/calming sounds no matter how they are played.

Comfort Sound Music Therapy Drums

REMO comfort sound technology is a soft woven canvas-like material that is used as a drum head. It has a textured finish (softer than normal canvas) and a characteristically deep 'comforting' low bass tone. It has proven itself to be a staple drum head material for music therapists in Australia.